A small list of short-term, high-impact projects for hackers, builders, and anime pfp X accounts.

Bounties listed

AWS Lambda for FHIR Data Generation

8d 5h 19m 55s$200More

Create an open-source comment extension for Tiptap/Hocuspocus/Y.js

5d 5h 19m 56s$500More

vlite compatible chroma client


Order all book formats on Amazon

7d 5h 19m 56s$0More

Create a live GitHub-esque 'war room' dashboard

5d 5h 19m 56s$3000More

Reverse engineer website API system

13d 5h 19m 56s$200More

Build a silent autonomous leaf blowing or collecting robot


Lowest Total Cost Controller for Comma Challenge


Most Interesting Controller for Comma Challenge (RL?)


Pipeline to fine-tune LLAMA3 7b


Personal Venmo Assistant

22d 5h 19m 55s$100More

AI Geoguessr using CLIP

342d 5h 19m 55s$50More

Translate diffusion models from scratch

221d 5h 19m 56s$50More

Optimise Story-Diffusion for deployment - make it fast and cost efficient to run.

5d 5h 19m 56s$3000More

Build AGI

221d 5h 19m 56s$7000000000000More

Fix git config pop ups

1d 5h 19m 55s$25More

Open-source Aputure light controller

129d 5h 19m 55s$2000More

Train vision language model in Colab

13d 5h 19m 56s$50More

Build a zipline from Bernal heights to the ferry building

4d 8h 40m 9s$1000More

Twitter Bot for Bounties

15d 5h 19m 55s$50More

LLM Eval Leaderboard and Battleground

7d 5h 19m 56s$10000More

Amazon Product Page scraper

43d 5h 19m 56s$271.82More